Welcome to Encino Commons - The Valley's Miracle Mile!
Located within the heart of Encino, Encino Commons is a unique collection of eateries, shops, and theaters in the Valley. With a diverse mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, this is a part of the Valley with a rich history and unparalleled resources. As a Business Improvement District, the local property owners have chosen to express their pride in the area by creating a fresh new atmosphere to establish Encino Commons as a premier retail and entertainment destination.

Formed in August 2000, Encino Commons is a self-assessed Business Improvement District (BID) composed of 75 property owners and over 300 businesses. Created with the sole purpose of transforming the business area on Ventura Boulevard between White Oak and Balboa Boulevards, local property and business owners have already begun to revitalize and enhance their surroundings.

In order to ensure Encino is clean and more pedestrian-friendly, extensive streetscape improvements have been implemented this year…take a look! As part of its Greening Project, the BID has planted over 200 trees along Ventura Boulevard, constructed 2 landscaped medians and many decorative planters. It is important to note that the improvements sponsored by the BID are funded through self-assessments collected from the more than 75 property owners within the boundaries for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for all those who live, work and play in Encino.

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So while you’re here, get acquainted with Encino Commons! Take a look at our online directory for convenient access to our local business database or check out our quarterly newsletter online to get the latest updates on events and streetscape improvements planned for this year. Thanks for visiting Encino Commons, the Valley’s Miracle Mile!
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